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How Much Does a Barber Make

Are you looking for a new summer job? Why not consider becoming a barber! According to PayScale, the average entry-level barber salary is $22,000 per year. That’s not too bad, especially considering that there are no college degree requirements to become a barber.

The Average Salary of a Barber

The average salary of a barber is $36,640. This is a fairly high salary considering that many people who work as barbers only need to do occasional hair cuts or beard Trim. The hours required to be a barber are also quite flexible, so it is a good option for someone who wants to work from home.

Salaries for barbers vary depending on the location, experience, and type of barber service offered. In some cases, barbers may only need a high school diploma or equivalent and may make as little as $21,000 per year. However, most barbers who are well-trained and have several years of experience can expect to earn salaries in the range of $36,640 to $54,760.

How to Become a Barber

A barber can expect to earn around $30,000 per year on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median salary for barbers is $27,870, meaning that half of all barbers earn less than this amount and half earn more. The top 10% of earners in the field make an annual salary of over $37,000.

There are many factors that influence a barber’s wages, including experience and education. Many barbers receive formal training in cosmetology or Barbering from accredited schools. Those without formal training typically gain experience working as apprentice barbers before being promoted to a full-time position.

While many barbers work in salons or other locations affiliated with a hair care company, some work independently. Independent barbers generally earn slightly less than salon workers but enjoy more control over their hours and work schedule.

If you’re interested in becoming a barber, it’s important to note that there is no single path to success. Many successful barbers began their careers working at low-paying locations before eventually achieving higher pay and greater opportunities. It’s also helpful to have good customer service skills since many salons offer free consultations to new customers.

The Requirements for Becoming a Barber

There are a few requirements that you must meet in order to become a barber. You must have at least an associate’s degree in barbering from a recognized school. After you have met these requirements, you will need to pass an exam given by the National Barber Association. Additionally, you will also need to be licensed by your state. The salary for a barber ranges from $21,000 to $32,000 per year.

The Skills Needed to Be a Barber

If you’re interested in a career in barbering, you’ll need to be skilled in a few different areas. Here’s a look at what you need to know:

First and foremost, you’ll need to have an innate sense of hair and scalp care. This includes being able to diagnose issues with hair growth and properly treat them. You’ll also need to be skilled at using hair clippers, scissors, and other cutting tools.

Second, you’ll need the know-how to cut men’s hair. This includes understanding how long strands of hair should be cut and the different styles that are popular today. Finally, you’ll need to have strong customer service skills as most barbers work in small businesses.

Benefits of Being a Barber

There are many benefits to being a barber. These benefits can include increased self-esteem, improved mental health, and increased social interactions.

At the heart of these benefits is the ability to provide an important service to others. Barbering is a unique profession that offers its practitioners a unique opportunity to connect with their clients on a personal level. This connection can be beneficial both for the client and the barber.

Self-esteem is often enhanced by giving someone a service they appreciate. For barbers, this often means providing quality haircuts that look good and feel great. In addition, many barbers maintain strong relationships with their clients over time, which can foster mental health benefits such as better coping mechanisms and more positive outlooks on life.

Barbershop culture has been shown to promote social interactions in a positive way. Research has found that barbershops are good places for people to meet new friends and build relationships that can last into adulthood. This is because barbershops typically have low barriers to entry and offer opportunities for social interaction that other venues do not. Additionally, many barbershops have charitable aspects that allow customers to give back to their community in meaningful ways.


As a barber, you likely go through many different products to keep your clients’ hair looking their best. From shampoo to conditioners and beyond, it’s important to know the average salary of a barber in order to have an accurate budget for your salon. According to, the median annual wage for barbers is $32,530 nationally. This means that while salaries can vary depending on location and experience, on average, barbers earn about what you would expect from other professions with similar levels of education and experience.